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2018 Ultimate Guide To Rental Car Insurance

The leading causes of frustration, anxiety and financial distress when renting cars is damage and insurance. Whilst airport waiting times, car swapsies, and unfair rental terms come in succeeding places on the frustration-o-meter, nothing ruins a well-planned trip than an insurance claim.

This article deals with rental car insurance for prestige cars. By prestige cars, I generally mean European cars that have a higher daily hire rate, cost more to repair, and typically come with a higher damage ‘excess’. Other cars also fit into these criteria.

Let me show you how to save some dollars and your sanity.

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The new Hertz Audi A4

Every avid car renter who gives a damn about their driving experience needs to have their vanilla strategy and their opportunistic strategy.

This post is about finding your vanilla strategy, the Hertz upgrade to the new Audi A4, my upgrade from the Audi A3 to the A4, and what to do when you unknowingly puncture a tire in a rental car.

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Hertz Audi Q5 Business Class Challenge

I’m a big city guy. All of that fresh air and the absence of multi-linguistic arguments echoing from sunrise to beyond sunset, it’s nice for a weekend break. Sorry Canberra, I probably won’t be a resident anytime soon. But this post is about a challenge.

Imagining that you were in Sydney CBD, and you get that call from your boss. You need to travel to Canberra immediately. You weigh up your options. Uber to the airport and fly down, or hire a car?

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Ultimate Guide to Hertz Prestige Rentals

Loyalty. Does it really exist, or do most people only care about the deal of the day?

This guide is about Hertz, and not only their loyalty program, but everything you’ll ever need to know about renting prestige cars such as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayman, and Ford Mustang (ok, maybe this one isn’t prestige). This 12-page guide will answer every question you might have about Hertz.

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Hertz Ford Mustang GT

Hertz Ford Mustang GT Review

Some people are rude. Yet, despite their irreversible desire to be the most obnoxious person at our party, we still send the invitation and quietly hope they show up. Albeit usually late.

The V8 Ford Mustang GT is undoubtedly one rude car. It’s loud in every way. Whimpering for attention with pops and burbles on each downshift, the Mustang casts a spell on everyone it passes.

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Mishaps at Hertz Melbourne Airport

Tuesday morning, the end of Chinese New Year, Melbourne airport. Which was the lead domino that led us to manically driving a ‘Guards Red’ Hertz Porsche Cayman back to the airport 23 hours and 29 minutes later?

It all started with a Europcar booking.

You see, there is a quirk of Europcar’s guaranteed availability. Whilst it’s pleasant that they guarantee your car instead of their infamous switcharoos, their process for confirmation isn’t the smoothest.

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Hertz Audi Q7

Hertz Prestige | Audi Q7 Review

The Uber Black Driver, the Adventurous Executive, the Soccer Mum.

When the Audi designers were selecting their ideal persona to drive the new Audi Q7, I bet they were confused. And, after five days driving the Hertz Audi Q7, covering most types driving you could imagine, this confusion had rubbed off onto me.

Ride Hacks unlocks the driving experiences that you can book this weekend. Whilst this is a review of the Audi Q7, it’s equally – and perhaps more so – a review of what it’s like to rent the Hertz Audi Q7.

You’ll soon understand why this distinction matters.

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Hertz Porsche Cayman Review

As a product of luck rather than careful planning, we had previously arranged to see the latest 007 Bond film in the Sydney CBD Event Cinemas’ Gold Class that same evening. It wasn’t the quintessential Aston Martin, but I was thrilled to drive the Cayman into the city for our Gold Class experience.

As it was a late film, driving back home through the city after midnight was a magical experience – no traffic, the exhaust echoing against empty buildings, and a warm summer’s breeze.

I don’t know if Bond ever would come to Sydney, but he would have been jealous of this moment.

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Hertz Prestige Review | Audi A3

It all started when I wanted to do a comparison between my last review of the Super Fancy GoGet Audi A3 and the Hertz 24/7 Audi A3 — the well-needed replacement for the BMW 118i in their on-demand fleet. The booking was for 8am on Sunday morning for 24 hours. My wife and I planed to visit my sister and her partner in Newcastle, roughly a 300Km round trip from Sydney.

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