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Ride Hacks is your ultimate resource for discovering and creating unique driving experiences.

Here you will learn how to design your own driving experience, tailored to how you see the world and the story you want to tell. Things don’t always go as planned, so we’ve added plenty of guides to make every moment count.

We’re neither a travel site nor a rev-head car forum. If you challenge the status quo (i.e. people think you are crazy because you enjoy driving), and you seek out extraordinary experiences, welcome home.

Who is Ride Hacks for?

We designed Ride Hacks with the entrepreneurial life-hacking gentleman in mind. The type of person who is willing to learn the game and bend the rules. Simply because it’s fun.

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Why driving experiences?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a deep passion for experiencing fast, luxurious and prestigious cars — the type of cars that capture your heart, mind, and soul. These are the cars we write about on Ride Hacks.

Maybe it’s the deep burble of a Mercedes-Benz AMG V8 that creates a vacuum in your chest. Or, perhaps it’s our unspoken desire to drive twisty mountain passes feeling like James Bond, even if it’s just for one day.

This site is for you, the gentleman who appreciates that after your preparation and research to schedule an Aston Martin for the weekend, you’re going to dress up with a collared shirt, leather shoes, and a watch to suit. The preparation is part of the experience. You probably also believe that finding an excuse opportunity to drive a Ferrari 458 around the hills of Tuscany beats driving like a privileged tool-bag in downtown Sydney.

Life is about experiences and stories you’ll tell for years to come.

Mercedes-Benz SLS

The practical side

Ride Hacks isn’t just about driving an Aston Martin or Mercedes-Benz SLS. Far from it. We will also help you upgrade your next rental to an entry-level prestige car this weekend, ensuring you don’t get screwed on the insurance.

You’ll find practical prestige car rental guides here. Whilst they might be only entry-level European cars, they’ll take your normal boring weekend or airport rental and adds a touch of class or fun. Upgrading your everyday rental can be just as fun as planning the next supercar drive.

About me

Todd Heslin
No, I’m not a trust-fund billionaire showing how fun it is to be the 1% of the 1%. I’m an Australian entrepreneur and software developer, living in Singapore. I live a simple life and don’t feel one bit of guilt spending money on driving experiences.

Here’s what I realised a few years ago:

Renting 10 different unique cars has actually been comparable to the cost of owning just one of these cars.

From the time I was first able to afford a reasonably nice car, I’ve always questioned why I should spend so much money on something that is highly taxed and depreciates so quickly. Whilst I can see the appeal of ownership, there is also boredom. When so much of the purchase price is soaked up in taxes, owning assets that depreciate so quickly is a little stupid. Right?

For many reasons, many which you will find anecdotes and tips across this site, I believe that the experience of driving is more important than owning a piece of ageing metal that makes you look like a washed up one-hit-wonder celebrity in five years time.

How to use this site

Ride Hacks was founded in 2015, aimed to be the world’s best resource for luxury, prestige and exotic car hire experiences — quick hires, long-term rentals, and chauffeur services. We’ll try and cover it all.

This site will not give you in-depth car reviews, that’s done better elsewhere. Instead, I’ll curate the best reviews from other Bloggers and YouTubers, and link to them directly when I’m writing about the actual car experiences that you can enjoy this weekend.

We’re here to help you discover the driving experiences of your dreams. We’re here to give you the information you’re looking for when you pull out your credit card and pay a one-time fee to have the time of your life.

We are independent. We are not owned by any car rental company and have no hidden alliances. Instead, we simply want to give you the most accurate information so you can find truly remarkable driving experiences. Please refer to our No Bullshit Affiliate Disclosure for exactly how we get paid.

Live your dreams squire.

— Todd
Chief Ride Hacker

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