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2018 Ultimate Guide To Rental Car Insurance

The leading causes of frustration, anxiety and financial distress when renting cars is damage and insurance. Whilst airport waiting times, car swapsies, and unfair rental terms come in succeeding places on the frustration-o-meter, nothing ruins a well-planned trip than an insurance claim.

This article deals with rental car insurance for prestige cars. By prestige cars, I generally mean European cars that have a higher daily hire rate, cost more to repair, and typically come with a higher damage ‘excess’. Other cars also fit into these criteria.

Let me show you how to save some dollars and your sanity.

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Ultimate Guide to Hertz Prestige Rentals

Loyalty. Does it really exist, or do most people only care about the deal of the day?

This guide is about Hertz, and not only their loyalty program, but everything you’ll ever need to know about renting prestige cars such as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayman, and Ford Mustang (ok, maybe this one isn’t prestige). This 12-page guide will answer every question you might have about Hertz.

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Accident replacement vehicles

The Dirty Truth About Accident Replacement Vehicles

If you’re like me and have never had an accident (or at least not recently), you probably haven’t thought about the step-by-step process of what you need to do to ensure the following few weeks aren’t the worst in your life.

Do those monthly insurance premiums suggest that they will make your life easier in such an unfortunate event? Think again sailor.

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