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Minimalism for Drivers

I’m a minimalist. Whilst I cringe when associating with anything popular, I can’t deny my connection to the ideology. At first sight, there appears to be a conflict in reconciling my love for driving with my desire for minimalism. Look deeper and this isn’t so.

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Who was the Tesla Model S built for?

Imagine your great grandfather.

It was the turn of the century and his faithful horse ‘Elmo’ had seen better days. He needed to safely transport your family and take care of business without relying entirely on public transport. The prospect of $200 for another horse and $400 for a carriage was a year’s salary.

There must be a better way.

Fast forward 100 years and the same conversation take place in the same bars.

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Mishaps at Hertz Melbourne Airport

Tuesday morning, the end of Chinese New Year, Melbourne airport. Which was the lead domino that led us to manically driving a ‘Guards Red’ Hertz Porsche Cayman back to the airport 23 hours and 29 minutes later?

It all started with a Europcar booking.

You see, there is a quirk of Europcar’s guaranteed availability. Whilst it’s pleasant that they guarantee your car instead of their infamous switcharoos, their process for confirmation isn’t the smoothest.

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How Ride Hacks changed the world in 2015

Ride Hacks changed the way we think about driving experiences, in only three months. It’s the beginning of the journey. The end is nowhere in sight. Yet, the change is happening.

We started with a mission of changing the way you think about luxury and prestige driving experiences. Our mission is evolving. Personal transport has also changed so fast that you probably haven’t noticed.

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Tesla Model S

Self-Driving Cars, Rights of Passage and Luxury Marketing

There’s no question, the automobile changed the world. Displacing horses with cars didn’t only benefit society with an endowment of productivity, it also cleaned up the mess that horses would make in city streets. It seems obvious, yet we take for granted that our streets are relatively clean, free from horse shit and its friends Mr Fly and Mr Rodent.

Fast forward into any major city in the 21st Century you’ll find traffic congestion, pollution and a pain in the ass for those who want to walk or ride their bicycle around the city.

Am I saying that cars are evil? Absolutely not. Will personal transport be different in 100 years? Absolutely. But there’s no need to be dramatic, let’s look at how personal transport has changed in the past 10 years.

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